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Russian Maritime Days

May 23-24 2019

St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner is the annually organized shipping industry event for the companies related to marine business.

The Gala dinner and the seminar that is held for shipowners, charterers, chartering brokers. We have also invited Russian and foreign shipping and forwarding agents, traders, bunkering and stevedore companies, surveyors, underwriters, bankers and marine lawyers.

St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner is aimed to become an attractive shipping business communication platform and a premier opportunity to meet shipowners and top-level executives all at once in St. Petersburg.



The purpose of St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner is to attract attention of foreign companies representing ship owners and charterers to ports and Russian businesses. The event shall have a positive quality impact on functioning of the freight market in the region and raise competitiveness of Russia in the field of transport services proposal.


The St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner is also organized to strengthen business relations between shipping companies and cargo owners as well as to find the answers to the hottest issues related to transport community.


The St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner is aimed at increasing the number of professional contacts as well as it allows to have an informal discussin of various business issues. Participation in St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner is a perfect opportunity to keep partnership relations with companies from different countries and regions of Russia.


St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner

Thursday, May 23



The event will be held for two days.
The main events are scheduled for 23rd of May.
The "Courtyard St. Petersburg Center West / Pushkin Hotel" hotel will host a conference dedicated to various issues of Maritime business.

You can find conference program project below.

Thursday, May 23


The official St. Petersburg Shipping Dinner

Three-hour cruise on the Neva river and the canals of "Northern Venice".
What awaits you:
  • 35 bridges, 5 rivers and canals;
  • Photo on the background of the famous views of St. Petersburg;
  • Live jazz music;
  • A delicious menu from the chefs of St. Petersburg.

Friday, May 24


Day in the fortress

Guests of the city will enjoy a sightseeing bus tour of the historic center of St. Petersburg with a visit to the Church "Spas-on-Blood" and the Smolny monastery. After we invite everyone to the buffet "Day in the fortress", which will be held in the walls of the famous Peter and Paul fortress. Don't miss the opportunity to have a glass of wine in russian «Bastilia».

Draft program of the conference

09.00-10.00 Participants registration

Session I. Main trends in the shipping market

Marine Engineering Bureau report
The state of the merchant fleet in Russia and Ukraine, the prospects for its renewal
Egorov Gennadiy, CEO

Sea and river transportation of oil and oil products: results of 2018 and forecast for 2019
Dolgikh Evgeny, owner

Morstroytechnology report
Trends and problems of infrastructure development for bulk cargo export in Russia
Goloviznin Alexander, director of analytics and logistics

11.30-12.00 coffee-break

Session II. Marine risks

LF «Remedy» report
Risks associated with shipping in the Black sea, recent trends
Suprunenko Andrey, Director
Kosmachevskiy Nikita, senior lawyer

LO «Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners» report
Cybercrime in the shipping industry
Karchemov Alexey, senior associate in maritime/transport law practice

«Elias & Co» report
The Ripple Effect: Closed ports of Northern Cyprus - The Arab Boycott - Examples from practice
Imad Elias, managing director

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Session III. Main trends in the shipping market

Russian bunker market-2018\2019: main trends
/the speaker clarifies/

SEA LINES report
Azov-Black sea region freight market conditions
Kulikov Alexander, CEO

SRC «Arctic and Antarctic research Institute» report
Hydrometeorological support of marine activities in the Arctic
Brestkin Sergey, head of ice center

15.00-15.30 coffee-break

Session IV. Security problems and insurance

«Marine Underwriting Services» report
Ships co-insurance advantages
Abuzyarov Alexander, CEO

PMC «RSB-Group» report
Services of armed escort and protection of ships. Comparison of Russian and European experience
Krinitsyn Oleg, manager

Group-IB report
Marine industry IT-security
/the speaker clarifies/

«SEAMES» report
Risks and losses minimization in maritime transport with the help of survey services
Plugatyr Vitaly, development director

Participation terms and registration

  • Participation only in Gala dinner - 300 EUR
  • Participation in Gala dinner + conference - 400 EUR
  • Participation in «Day in the fortress» - 150 EUR



For Sponsors

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